15 people signed the petition since May 23, 2015

Signatures for Lift Suspension on Twitter Accounts Associated with SHSLSpoiler and Others

ID First Name Last Name Comments Twitter username
1 KatherineFenton   pallidpallas
2 CaitlynClites   DrDktr
3 JonnoDidaskalou   evenbiggerjonno
4 KitCooper As a member of said community, partaking in roleplaying activity is incredibly beneficial to my mental health, and feel the loss of my friend's accounts heavily. TheRogueheart
5 DaveYoloheim MUCH LOVE AND MUCH RESPECT! vivaciouswaffle
6 MykelKrate   TheAsterik
7 EmmitLahey   outr_o
8 SaiAutre   opheliuchy
9 shannonreed We all dearly miss the accounts in question. It's been over a month since their suspension and we have had several times where we've looked to the feed hoping to see a post from the characters in question, only to feel the pang of disappointment and loss peskygirlgreen
10 RobinEvans Please lift the ban. We all miss the characters represented by these accounts very much. Death_and_Candy
11 TiaFernandes   alchemistcookie
12 StanleySainte Luce   Aegislash
13 charliehurt   @teenwoofs
14 TamikaShannon I feel as if twitter rp accounts should not be banned, as they hold many memories and are important not only the person who made the account, but those who interact with it. Instead, actual spam accounts that are reported should be deleted. @floralnin
15 RainOkay   hiragiyuzu